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happy stuff

online privacy and you some useful info.
online privacy 2 same site, but now with javascript.
learn to cook! some vegan recipes, in flash.
spacegame it's in flash.
blue skies old website, from the high school years.

something fishy's going on

Betta Facts A little info about Betta Splendens, their care, and some pictures of the boys who share my bedroom.
Virtual Betta a project I did for an XML class (Your browser must support XML, Javascript, and XSLT--Will not run in Opera!)


the email form email the webmaster.
feel the word read what others have said.
preach the word say stuff so people can read it.

"...there's a world outside..." you are not alone got noise? they rock. just watch it. mozilla news!

webcomics i read

Something Positive Violence, Pregnancy, and a Stretchy Cat
w00t Rock on, girl geeks!
Queen of Wands Ishappy :)
Triangle and Robert Stop teasing the Meat Sentry!

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